Koide Laboratory - Synthetic Protein Science

We aim to advance the knowledge of how proteins and protein interaction networks work by “synthetic” approaches, i.e. designing and making proteins with novel function.  This "learning by building" approach critically tests our understanding of principles that govern protein structure, function and evolution, and it challenges our creativity.

We are now capable of producing highly functional synthetic proteins within weeks.  Structural and functional analysis of synthetic proteins not only critically evaluates the effectiveness of our design strategies but also provides broader insights into the molecular mechanism and evolution of protein form and function.  Knowledge gained from the synthetic approach complements and very often significantly expands the view from classical studies of natural proteins.

Synthetic proteins serve as novel and transformative tools for basic and translational research in medicine and beyond.  We are particularly interested in applying our capability to:

  • Development of biologics therapeutics (engineered proteins and antibodies)
  • Signal transduction and cancer biology
  • Structural biology
  • Synthetic biology

Why synthetic protein science?


Postdoctoral positions available in developing biologics therapeutics - Contact Shohei Koide

June 2021 - Our paper with Prof. S. Burden's group on antibody rescue of congenital myasthenia is published in Nature.

May 2021 - Our paper on Monobodies that selectively inhibit and degrade KRAS(G12V) and KRAS(G12C) is published in Nature Comm.

May 2021 - Our paper with Prof. J. O'Bryan's group on the effect of NS1 Monobody on a mouse model of pancreatic cancer is published in Small GTPases.

April 2021 - Our second paper with Prof. J. Murphy's group on molecular dissection of the necroptosys signaling using MLKL-binding Monobodies is published in Nature Comm.

November 2020 - Monobody-assisted crystal struture determination of a small multidrug resistance (SMR) transporter is published in Nature Comm.

October 2020 - Our paper on the GPR56-TG2 interaction and its modulation is published in Scientific Report.

September 2020 - Our first antibody-assisted cryo-EM paper with Prof. D-N Wang's group is published in eLife.

August 2020 - STAT3 Monobody paper with Prof. O. Hantschel's group is published in Nature Comm.

April 2020 - Our paper with Prof. J. Murphy's group on dissection of the necroptosis signaling pathway with Monobodies is published in PNAS.

Feb 2020 - Our review on the utility of the Monobody technology in structural and mechanistic biology is published in Current Opinion in Structural Biology.

July 2019 - Our paper on the development of Monobodies that allosterically activate and inhibit Aurora A kinase is published in PNAS.

December 2018 - Kevin is awarded an American Cancer Society postdoctoral fellowship. Congrats!

July 2018 - Our paper on drug target validation using Monobodies is published in Nature Chemical Biology.

May 2018 - Our review on the next-generation PTM antibodies is published in Current Opinion in Structural Biology.

January 2018 - Our paper on the Monobody-assisted crystal structure of ICMT is published in Nature.